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scienceScience That Makes You Laugh…Or Wonder?
Nobel Prizes are awarded for only the most serious scientific achievements; the “Ig Nobel” Prizes, on the other hand, are awarded for the most unusual, although sometimes still legitimate, scientific achievements. The awards are the brainchild of editor and co-founder Marc Abrahams, whose magazine is called “The Annals of Improbably Research,” and whose web site is
Past awards have gone to researchers who:

  • Gave hamsters Viagra and discovered it prevented them from suffering jet lag
  • Looked at sword swallowing and its side affects on the human body
  • Created a “bottomless” bowl of soup which proved Americans eat as long as there is food in front of them, not just until they are full
  • Found that wrinkles in sheets are replicated in human and animal skin
  • Created a device which dropped a net over bank robbers
  • Explored why woodpeckers don’t get headaches
  • Looked into what would happen to clams that were fed Prozac
  • Asked why spaghetti breaks into more than two pieces
  • Queried why birds were not pooping on a statue
  • Levitated a frog, pieces of fruit and a grasshopper
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