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Six Things To Never Say To A Police Officer During A Traffic Stop

Your chances of talking your way out of a traffic ticket are slim – but it’s not uncommon for a driver to talk themselves INTO one by insulting the officer or annoying them enough to write a ticket when they might have otherwise let them off with a warning. Here are the things NOT to […]

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Who Else Wants To Win A $25 Gift Card?

Take my monthly “Trivia Challenge” and you could win too! The Grand Prize Winner of last month’s Trivia Challenge Quiz is >! He or she was the first person to correctly answer my quiz question from last month: What was put on sale for the first time in May of 1886? a) United States Savings […]

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How Would You Like To Have This Corporate Embarrassment On Your Record?

Back in April, the largest known e-mail security breach took place when Epsilon, an online marketing corporation, had their clients’ lists of e-mail addresses stolen by sophisticated cyber thieves. Epsilon was in charge of maintaining the e-mail databases and campaigns of some of the largest corporations in the country, including 1-800 Flowers, Best Buy, Walgreens, […]

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The Top 5 Network Security Mistakes

Weak Passwords.You know you need to have a stronger password, yet “password” is still the #1 password used by computer users. For maximum security, your password should contain numbers and letters, both upper and lowercase combined. Lack of Education. Most viruses and spyware are invited by the user; therefore, if you want to make sure […]

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Could You Be Breaking The Law By Not Archiving E-mails?

It’s 4:30 on Friday afternoon when you get the message that a key vendor will not be able to deliver what they promised on time, which will in turn cause YOU to miss a critical deadline for your most important client. Frustrated, you call the vendor, who instantly denies ever being told about the deadline. […]

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How To Spot An E-mail Hoax

With the Internet and e-mail providing a free, viral platform for online scammers, hackers and cyber criminals, there’s no doubt that at some point you’ll receive an e-mail hoax. Some are harmless, but many can lead to virus infections, identity theft or worse. Here are some common themes to watch out for: Supposedly free giveaways […]

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3 Reasons To Have A Blog (Even If Nobody Reads It)

Building a massive following online is no easy task. But before you give up on your company blog due to the disappointing number of people who read and comment on it, here are 3 reasons to reconsider: Search Engine Optimization. If for no other reason, blogging weekly about a particular topic will work wonders for […]

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4 Questions About Backups That Business Owners Should Know The Answers To

The old saying, “Pack your own parachute,” comes to mind when I think of data backups or, more specifically, data RECOVERY. However, how many people actually know how to pack their proverbial data backup “parachute” and instead rely on someone else – be it an employee or vendor? If that’s you, read on. Since the […]

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Social Media Policies In The Workplace

Back in November, the National Labor Relations Board issued a Complaint alleging that an employer illegally terminated an employee who posted disparaging remarks about her supervisor on her personal Facebook page. The posting referred to her supervisor as a “psychiatric patient” and used several vulgarities, which resulted in other employees chiming in (Associated Press, November […]

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Would You Pay $1 To Get $3.25 In Change?

Who wouldn’t want to shop at a store that can deliver that! Is this some Nigerian business opportunity? Not at all… A review of the services we deliver for our clients showed that our clients receive an average of in services for every $1.00 they spend with us. This is based on a cost comparison […]

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