SEO Poisoning On The Rise

poisoning One of the latest tricks hackers are now using is search engine optimization to promote malware infected websites for popular search terms. This new threat is called “SEO Poisoning.” In fact, at any given moment, three of the top ten search results contain at least one malicious URL

within the top 70 results! Here’s how it works… Hackers use well-known search engine optimization tactics to create web sites that will rank in the top results for popular keywords. For example, the BP oil spill and World Cup keywords were riddled with these infected sites. When you click on them, you are presented with pop ups, free software downloads, fake virus warnings and other ads. If you click on anything, you’re instantly infected with malware.

What makes this so dangerous is that most of us have come to trust search engine results and click on the links of web sites without question of security. Plus, hackers have learned that the more “normal” their web sites look, the easier it is to get users to trust them. To protect yourself, make sure you have up-to-date anti virus software installed. Some security companies offer a free browser plug-in that will warn you if it detects a site is a poisoned site that will harm your computer.

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