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PC On A Stick Technology

PC-on-a-strick-tech Road warriors know that packing light on business trips is a must; but one of the things you just can’t leave behind is your laptop – until now…

Thanks to new “PC On A Stick” technologies, you can carry your desktop around on a simple USB device. Simply plug this specially equipped USB device into any PC and you’re instantly working on what appears to be your own desktop. Unplug it, and all traces of your data vanish! Here are the top 3 options:

MojoPac: This is a free software option that enables you to “clone” or copy your desktop applications and files to a virtualized machine that will work with any USB device, be it a pen drive, iPod or external hard drive. However, it will only work with Windows XP computers and lacks encryption capabilities.

Ceedo Personal: This inexpensive software product will give you a near-perfect facsimile of your desktop on any USB device. At $39, you’ll get Windows 7 compatibility and integration with secure TrueCrypt devices.

CheckPoint Abra: Out of the three mentioned here, this is the most secure. You’ll pay a bit more ($140 to $210) but it will give you security encrypted access to your cloned desktop.

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