Unified Threat Management: The “Swiss Army Knife” Of Security

security With all the talk about security in this issue, we wanted to let all of our clients and subscribers know about a new, more effective and lower-cost way to have a complete “do it all” security system for their networks. The techie term is “UTM” or “unified threat management.” That’s simply a fancy word for an all-in-one security device that does the work of your firewall, anti-virus, spam filtering and web content filter.

There are several advantages to going this route. First, simplification. Instead of having to monitor and maintain several different types of security and software, you only have one device. That makes the entire process of maintaining, managing and even updating your security far easier. You also won’t have the problem of conflicts between various hardware and software devices.

If you’re about to upgrade, install or add to your current line of security systems (spam, anti-virus, firewall, etc.) contact us for a free consultation on how a UTM solution may be a better option!

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