3 Big Lies VoIP Salespeople Will Tell You 
To Get Your Money

Considering a VoIP system for your business?

Beware: The truth you need to make a good decision can be hard to come by. Here are a few “gotchas” to watch for when talking to VoIP system sales reps:

Big Lie #1 – “You’ll need to replace your firewall (or router).”
Chances are, the rep telling you this needs to get around some limitation of his or her system. VoIP phone lines were never designed to go through your firewall. Being forced through a firewall can have a severe impact on the sound quality of your phone system.

Not only that, but going inside your network means competing with the data traffic of your existing PCs, laptops and other devices. Plus, it would cause you to open up a hole in your firewall… Don’t go for it!

Big Lie #2 – “Our network uptime is the best in the industry!”
Ask for exact stats – and proof. If it’s anything less than [XX%] guaranteed, don’t buy it!

And don’t let anyone tell you [XX%] uptime can’t be done. As of this report, our carrier was up [XX%] of the last [XX] months.

Big Lie #3 – “Your new system will have all the same features as your current one.”
Do NOT assume this to be true. You’d be amazed by how many VoIP systems fail to provide even the most basic features. Be sure to get a hands-on demonstration to see for yourself how it will work. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises once your new system is installed.

Remember, it’s “buyer beware” when shopping for a new VoIP system. This one decision could have a drastic impact on your company’s ability to communicate with customers, suppliers and employees. Your bottom line is at stake, so take the time to shop carefully.

For our complete guide to how to get a VoIP system that will keep you and your staff “smilin’ and dialin’” – without getting fleeced.

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