Lighter Side: Crazy But True… Midnight Mystery: 
The Case Of The ‘Weird’ Laptop

One day a user brought us her laptop. She said it was acting “weird.”

We ran the usual diagnostics, which all came up clean. Then the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” showed up.

The cooling fan had failed completely.

So we backed up her data and gave her a new machine. End of story…

Nope. Within a week, she brought the new laptop back to us, complaining of similar problems. This had us stumped – it was brand-new.

We ran the hardware diagnostics in a continuous loop overnight. Nada.

We asked the user if she had any ideas. She got a funny look on her face and promised to report back to us. Sure enough, the next morning we received an e-mail from her, with an incriminating picture.

When she snuck into her den at midnight, she had caught Boots, her fat orange cat, preparing to take a nice, warm nap on her laptop.

As Boots stepped onto the keyboard, his paw triggered the hot key. Then, as he snoozed on top of the unit, the internal fan had to work overtime to keep it from melting down.

Mystery solved!

We all had a good laugh, glad to know our detective work had finally paid off.

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